Whеrе Cаn Yου Meet Othеr Christian Singles?

People looking to meet that special someone have several options, like going to a bar or a club or even striking up a conversation at work. But what if you are a single Christian and the club scene is not for you?

Here are four single Christian dating tips on where and how to meet other singles who share your faith:

Christian CafeYour Church

Today many churches have a singles ministry or singles events, offering a safe environment for fun and fellowship. Bible study groups and connections made through mutual church friends is also an option. Another great way to meet people is to be visible at your church. Ever considered being a greeter? It is a great way to spark a conversation and to get comfortable talking to others.

Dating someone at your church has advantages: it is easy, you most likely already know a lot of people! The disadvantage obviously is that if the relationship doesn’t work out, you have an entire congregation watching you, which can be uncomfortable or embarrassing.

Other Churches

Sometimes it can be fun to go to other churches. It is an opportunity to meet people who share your faith that you might not have met otherwise. The advantage here is that if a relationship doesn’t work out, you wont be forced to see them every week.


Events like coffeehouses, concerts, and lectures  are excellent ways to meet people, and what better way to get involved than to volunteer. These situations are not only a great way to make friends, it also opens doors to start conversations. The disadvantage to this approach is that sometimes these events are a one-time thing, and you might not get an opportunity to meet people over time.

Christian? Single? Start your Free Trial!

Get online

Online dating websites, especially the ones geared toward Christian singles, can be one of your best options. You get access to a large database of single Christians who are all there for the same reasons: they are single looking for potential individuals to share a relationships with.

Christian Cafe offers a free trial where you can get to know single Christians in your area by viewing their profiles and  pictures to learn about his or her interests and hobbies etc. There are also more specific searches, where you can look for individuals of a certain denomination, marital status, level of commitment to the church and more.

In addition Christian Cafe is a safe way to communicate before jumping in to meeting in person. You determine if and when you will give your personal information to another.

So now we have gone over several tips specifically for single Christians about how and where to meet someone who shares your faith. Each one has certain advantages and disadvantages, so choose a method that you are comfortable with and very soon you just might be spending time with the man or woman of your dreams!

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