Why Falling In Love Is Beneficial To Your Health

Everybody understands that falling in love with a Christian is actually a massive emotional enhancement, however it is at the same time beneficial to our actual physical health. Here is precisely how it works. Initially: Falling in love boosts memory. Found in a single recent study, individuals in brand new relationships experienced increased amounts of […]

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Christian Dating Profile Lies That Will Return to Haunt You

On the subject of Christian Dating Sites, always keep it REAL. That is due to the fact that the little white lies you put onto your own user profile in order to appeal to possible dates will always return to haunt you! The truth is, here is a list of the most frequent ways in […]

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Throw Away Your Online Dating Check-List

Experts point out using an Online dating “check-list” might end up backfiring on you. Discover  why it may be the actual reason a lot of us are still single! Do you currently have the “dating check-list?” In some other words, do you currently have some sort of checklist of personal preferences which you “check off” […]

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Christian Dating Rules

Most of the Christian dating concepts that we think about have been formed by what we see on TV or in the movies but it is up to us, as Christians to chose how we are influenced by the world around us. Romans 12:2 says “Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this […]

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Tips Fοr Christian Dating

As you may already have discovered if you have done a simple search online, there are literally hundreds of online Christian dating websites out there. It follows that the challenge is not finding a Christian dating site; it is finding the right one. If you are single and looking for people who share your faith […]

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Wading Through Thе Non-Christians

If you are a Christian it is important to keep in mind that dating a non-Christian is unacceptable. God does not state that Christians can not speak or interact with non-Christians, but God does specifically state that Christians should not be bound to non-believers. With this in mind, online datingcan be somewhat stressful. Christians occasionally […]

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Whеrе Cаn Yου Meet Othеr Christian Singles?

People looking to meet that special someone have several options, like going to a bar or a club or even striking up a conversation at work. But what if you are a single Christian and the club scene is not for you? Here are four single Christian dating tips on where and how to meet […]

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Meet Christian Singles Online

It is only getting easier to meet Christian singles online and many singles are looking for something more than casual dating. Individuals want lasting friendships that can grow into solid marriages, built between two people who are not just romantic partners, but best friends. The church has always been an excellent place to meet people, […]

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Christian Dating Fοr Senior Singles Over 50

Dating as a Christian can be challenging, and if you are a single Christian over the age of 50, you might have had problems meeting other singles in your age group, whether you have tried through religious events or even at church. Today there are so many new possibilities because of the rise in the […]

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